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India’s Best Online Betting Apps Explained

Mobile gambling is popular with players across the world. Those based in India are no different. Of course, there are several ways you can choose to play. On the one hand, you can opt to place bets using the web browser on your phone. On the other, you can use online betting apps. Betting in India is here to walk you through the process and explain how it works. Let’s start by explaining how online apps work for Indian players.

How Do Online Betting Apps in India Work?

Online betting apps work in largely the same way as other mobile apps. An application is downloaded and installed on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). You can then open the app and access a service from inside it. In this case, that service is an online (or rather mobile) casino or sportsbook. It will offer you an array of betting options at your fingertips.

Let us begin by introducing you to some of the very best online casino&sports apps right here. Almost all new casino sites are offering a native app or web-app. They include:

Downloading and Installing Mobile (Cricket) Betting Apps

Not all online betting apps are actually apps. However, this doesn’t mean that they work any less than an app. These “mobile betting sites” are played using your device’s web browser. They are developed in HTML5. For all intents and purposes, they behave exactly like mobile apps. However, they don’t need updates. To play in this manner, you only need to visit an Indian casino in your device’s browser.

Downloading a dedicated app will offer you a more streamlined sports betting gaming experience. Some casinos offer both Android and iOS options, while some Indian sites prefer one or the other. The basic process of installing such an app is relatively the same.

Android Apps: Head to the Google Play Store or download the app on the bookmaker’s website. You may need to lower your device’s permissions to install the app. Some bookies also carry a QR code which you can still. This will also download the app directly to your phone or tablet.
iOS Apps: Apple users often have a more difficult time. In most cases, you’re going to need to head to the app store. It is rare to find iOS apps for Indian sportsbooks on non-official links and sites.

Betting App Security in India

You should expect to enjoy safety and security when using online casino apps in India. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your device remains protected when you play and wager on online betting apps.

Only download sports betting apps from trusted and verified sources.
Once you’ve installed the Android app, adjust your “security settings” once more.
Try and use an app that uses fingerprint or retinal identification.
Only play at sites that are licensed and regulated. You probably won’t see these certifications in the app. However, our gambling reviews will tell you everything you need to know.

Top Features to Look for India’s Online Betting Apps

We would naturally recommend that you opt to play with our trusted Indian betting apps. However, you are free to do your own homework and have a look around. If you do fancy having a crack at looking for betting apps yourself, what should you look for? As it happens, we know precisely what you want to see. After all, our team looks for the same things when they review an Indian betting app. Here’s what you should keep your eyes peeled for:

Speedy Loading Times: You don’t want to have to wait for ages for your app to load. A decent Indian online betting app will load speedily, even on somewhat older devices. This is hugely important; otherwise, you might as well play at the sportsbook’s website itself.
Streamlined Experience: HTML5 bookies run well on mobile devices. However, as they must cater to PC users, too, they will never be as streamlined as apps. Given this, it is important to ensure that your app is optimised for mobile gameplay. Again, this can be checked by heading over to our reviews.
Fingerprint/Retinal ID: As touched on, security is a major thing when it comes to mobile betting. We want to see fingerprint and retinal ID checks in online bookmakers. By offering these features, you are guaranteed two-step authentication that cannot be hacked.
Mobile Deposit Options: Being able to deposit at your favourite betting site should be made easy. One of the best ways to do that is to use mobile options. Depositing via your phone bill, credit, or mobile-only apps is convenient for Indians. However, just be warned that you cannot use these options to withdraw.

Bag Betting App Bonuses Online

When you decide to play via online betting apps, there is the potential to snap up bonuses and promotions. These may come in all shapes and sizes. They include welcome bonuses, redeposit offers and more. However, sometimes you can snap up a special betting app bonus.

In most cases, these will be special, one-of-a-kind deals for choosing to bet via an app. However, sometimes they may be bespoke bonuses valid on selected sports markets. Either way, it is worth exploring what offers are available, as some are only available to mobile users.

The Pros and Cons of Indian Betting Apps

There are several pros and cons of playing with Indian betting apps. We’ve already highlighted some of the top features to keep your eyes peeled for. However, let’s detail the benefits (and disadvantages) of Indian online betting apps right here.


You can play anywhere, at any time. Even if you’re not at home, you can still get a game.
Indian betting apps are suitable for most modern mobile devices. You don’t always need the latest tech to play via apps.
Some allow you to deposit using mobile-only payment options, such as your phone bill.
Online betting apps can often cover sports betting and casino games alike.
Most are easy to install and offer a streamlined, mobile-orientated experience.


If your phone is stolen and you don’t have appropriate security, you could be in trouble.
Apps require frequent updates, and this can slow things down.
Some online apps consume a lot of precious space on phones.
Instant play sites often work just as well as apps.
Not all mobile or online betting apps are iOS friendly. There are far more Android apps out there.

Start Using India’s Best Online Betting Apps Today

On this page, we’ve covered several of the best online betting apps out there in India. Of course, we want to show you a lot more. Our team regularly explores and critiques online betting apps. They focus on Indian players, and they know what each app should offer. We only represent online betting apps that…

are secure
have a license
offer extensive games
are Indian-centric
and pass our strict tests and criteria

Any of the apps you’ll find here on our page represent the very best online betting apps in the business. You can take our word for it.

FAQs – Your Questions About Indian Betting Apps Answered

Before you pop over to one of our top Indian betting apps, check out this FAQ. If you still have questions about online betting apps in India, we’re here to help.

Are betting apps legal to use in India?

Yes. India says you gamble online, provided you don’t do it at a site based in India. Therefore, all our online betting apps are located offshore, making them legal.

Can I deposit with mobile banking options using betting apps in India?

That depends on where you play. Some Indian betting apps let you deposit using mobile options, such as your phone bill. Others only offer conventional bank transfer options. Some even permit cryptocurrency deposits.

Which is the very best mobile betting app available?

We don’t want to get into a war playing one side off against another. All our sites can be trusted and represent the very best mobile betting apps out there

How do I find online betting apps in India?

We recommend that you use our page. Just scroll up or down or peruse the sides of this page to find the top online betting apps in India. Any of these sites come with our seal of approval.

Do I need to update Indian online betting apps?

Yes. Unless you are playing at an HTML5 website, you’re going to need to download an app. Like most apps, Indian online betting apps will need regular updates.

Can I play if a site doesn’t have a betting app?

Absolutely. Most modern Indian sportsbooks and casinos are designed in HTML5. This means that even without a betting app, you can play via your web browser. This is recommended if a site doesn’t have an app for your specific OS. It is also handy if your device is too old.